SkeptiCamp Feedback

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We solicited feedback from participants at SkeptiCamp, and here’s what they had to say!

The feedback cards asked participants to rank various aspects of SkeptiCamp Winnipeg from 1–5. Of the roughly thirty participants, we received eight completed cards. I’ve summarised the results below, including numeric mean and median scores and a verbal interpretation of the median (my preferred form of average, as it is resistant to outliers, and also the second most likely—behind mode—to be an integer).

Please bear in mind that our sample is self-selected.

How was the conference as a whole? Mean Median Verbal
Did you enjoy yourself? 5 5 Yes
Did you learn anything? 4.75 5 Yes
Were the breaks adequate? 3 3 Maybe
Was the conference too long? 2 2 Not Really
Were you able to participate? 4.63 5 Yes
Would you attend in the future? 5 5 Yes
Would you recommend SkeptiCamp? 4.88 5 Yes
How was the venue? Mean Median Verbal
Was it comfortable? 4.5 4.5 Mostly
Was it clean? 4.88 5 Yes
Was it large enough? 3.38 3 Maybe
How were the presentations? Mean Median Verbal
Were the talks interesting? 4.88 5 Yes
Did they encourage discussion? 4.63 5 Yes
Were the topics varied? 4.88 5 Yes
Were the talks easy to follow? 4.63 5 Yes
Was the atmosphere friendly? 5 5 Yes
Would you consider presenting? 5 5 Yes

What was your favourite topic?
Nutritional Facts and Fallacies
The Ethics of Belief
The Ethics of Belief
Why Vaccinations are So Important
Homosexuality and the LDS Church
Homosexuality and the LDS Church

What topic do you wish had been covered?
The Bible/Creationism
Deciphering Media

Do you have any complaints, suggestions, or other feedback?
“More, possibly shorter breaks to stand and stretch.”
“Thank you!”
“Parking was an issue. Thank you for organizing!”
“No complaints. This was wonderful. Thanks.”
“Themes which would tie together presentation.”
“Wonderful! I love to learn and I learned a lot. Thanks!”


4 thoughts on “SkeptiCamp Feedback

  1. That’s about what I would have said, as well. Overall, it was great. The venue had its weak spots.

    My only concern with topics regarding religion (i.e., Bible/Creationism) is that we may alienate some good skeptical folk who still have religious beliefs.

    I know at our first Amazing Meeting, which is primarily a skeptical event, they polled the audience and about 30 – 40% of the crowd still believed in a god.

    Food for thought.

  2. That’s actually something that I spend a lot of time and thought on, Donna, and I agree with you. I think that we’d all be hard-pressed to find someone that is skeptical about everything (much as some of us really try!), and indeed the skeptical community is far richer for the likes of Pamela Gay, Hal Bidlack, and the late Martin Gardner.

    Although in my opinion these folks are not universally applying their skepticism (Gardner reportedly admitted as much on several occasions), I’d like to maintain a congenial atmosphere and to make people welcome, and for that reason I think that this topic ought to be treated with caution. At the same time, I wouldn’t want to unduly limit these sorts of discussion, because the free exchange of ideas really lies at the core of SkeptiCamp.

    I certainly make no bones about my atheism, but I also try to make it clear that I’m representing my own opinion, and although it’s an opinion that I will advocate, I wouldn’t attempt to make it the official stance of either SkeptiCamp Winnipeg or the Winnipeg Skeptics.

    This is certainly something that warrants further discussion.

  3. I do recall that there was a alot of applause at our little event when I announced that I was now an agnostic atheist 😉

    As long as we stick to facts and don’t get too far off into opinion (yeah, look who this is coming from) then we shouldn’t be shy about talking about issues that may be contentious such as politics or religion.

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