Sylvia Browne coming to The ‘Peg

[sarcasm] Sylvia Browne will be in Winnipeg at the Pantages Playhouse, get your tickets here! It’s $59 or $89, a bargain compared to her personal one-on-one hour-long calls that run $700. Go ahead, see her live, after all she has provided so much value to people in helping them with their lives. [/sarcasm]


3 thoughts on “Sylvia Browne coming to The ‘Peg

  1. We’re hoping to put together some informational pamphlets (“How you can be a psychic!”, that sort of thing) to hand out to interested parties before the event. Anyone who wants to pitch in would be welcome! Just visit our Meetup page!

    1. Hello Gem:
      I’m writing an article on Sylvia for the Free Press.
      Would you be willing to be quoted — if you’re still planning to hand out those pamphlets.
      Call me at 697-7270 asap!!
      Carolin Vesely

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