I hope you are all having a delightful start to the new year, with plenty of experimentation to come – well advised or not!


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  1. Media Skepticism

    In recent times, I have so often noticed when watching television news reports or reading various articles
    in different newspapers, magazines,and the like, the negative comments and verbal statements of some of those
    professionals working within the local, national and international media in regards to those associated with and
    working within the paranormal and spiritual realms. It seems anytime, that a psychic, medium, clairvoyant, or Mystic make
    a prediction and/or comments on a specific situation, circumstance, missing persons, crimes, whatever, their input is immediately,
    laughed at, or a snide remark is made to the effect, of saying, “oh, well we will have to just wait and see what comes of that statement,
    usually followed by a smirky grin or sarcastic facial expression.

    It would be rather refreshing if as a society, that the media would be as courtesy to the paranormal and spiritual people as they are
    to the political community and the politicians, that continue almost on a daily base to fabricate the truth, mislead or conceal
    their true thoughts, and add complexity and deception to issues and circumstances that are most important to the general public everyday.

    That to me suggests, that the “Holy Spirit” and those on the other side of the veil from which I and other natural born and professional psychics,
    mediums, clairvoyants, mystis and like minded people, receive messages and information from to assist those idesiring true spiritual positive contact free will to find an ethical Spirititual Clairvoyant such as myself and others of utmost respect and a valuable service to those in need. It is sad that there are those imagining, lying and disbelieving all what the “Spirit” is able to bring to us as deemed appropriate for the highest and best good of all.
    I feel it is most unfortunate to think that we live in a society whereby, it is felt that “God” and his spiritual associates , such as Spirit Guides, Angels,and Holy Spirit
    would not have any greater knowledge or relevance to the human physical spirit,and some owned Media would make the choice to simply to dismiss an individuals natural born gifts as providied by the Grace of God.
    Paranormal gifts given by God Our Supreme Creator is limitless, and it is sad there is media that considers it as being worthless, phoney and simply a waste of time or a waste of Time and written merit, and of no consideration of placing Spiritual Professional servives in our news stories, papers, and the like. Our world has come to focus on the negative actions in life, not the positive God given gifts present for those in need.

    Yes, Iam aware that there are those within our profession that are fakes, that should not be and are simply in my opinion, a disgrace and give the rest of us a poor reputation.These fake psychics do truly tarnish the authrenticity of this line of service and dedicated. As in any professional type of work,there are excellent people available to
    provide paranormal services.
    That, however, must be remembered is not our responsibility to those of us that are genuine
    and remain true to our gifts as given by God to which we uphold with the greatest sincerity and personal intent.

    It would be awesome and greatly appreciated if our news media professionals would perhaps assist and show courtesy,respect , and value to those of us
    providing valuable services to those that recognize and appreciate our gifted abilities.Rather than generating negative media coverage on an entire profession, lets embrace
    and generate positive attitudes throughout our society.

    In past years, New Years predictions were featured on our television broadcasts, newpapers, and in news broadcast reports.
    It is a shame there is no longer any broadcasting in this area. Furthermore, there were respected psychics that would be interviewed and presented
    locally, nationally, etc. But now, it seems that trend is no longer being made available. How unfortunate.

    It was only a few weeks ago that I hear one media reporter make the comment of saying, when a particular psychic had
    made the statement of a particular stock that would increase in value on a particular stock market, the reporter then said,
    “Well I would not take that as anything to believe, I would prefer to get that advice from a stockbroker and suggests others do that same”.
    I guess, the spirit guides, holy spirit, etc, would not know anything about those kind of things, here on our physical plane of life. Karen Lee Samson a respected spiritual Professional Psychic Reader based in Florida USA,has stated many times over spirit has told her Gold is the NEW Money exchange of the future.

    In conclusion, I personally feel, that a little respect, appreciation and overall dignity from those that we regard
    as professionals and role models in providing local, national and international news coverages about stories and happenings
    most important to the general public, should then provide those of us within the paranormal communities with the same or similar
    amount of respect, appreciation and dignity.

    Please remember “WE ARE ALL GOD’S CHILDREN” Thank you.

    With Blessings and Light,

    Ray R. Ellis
    Ray Of Light
    Psychic Medium, Clairvoyant, Intuitive Visionary, etc.

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