CFI Winnipeg?


While Pharyngula and Canadian Atheist are reporting that CFI hopes to “establish physical centres in all Canadian cities” (or “in every major Canadian city”), Winnipeg hasn’t specifically been mentioned, and the official word from CFI is quite vague. (If someone can find a better link, let me know.)

How might this affect the Winnipeg Skeptics? Well, Canadian Atheist makes a good point:

Even if you’re not the biggest fan of CFI, these physical centres will benefit the entire freethought movement. Local groups, as is the case in right now Toronto, will have a sympathetic landlord who will either rent at a reduced or complimentary rate.

Not only that, but local CFI centres could provide resources for hosting speakers, tours, and other skeptical events. CFI was also the main organising force behind this year’s Canadian 10:23 Campaign.

CFI is asking for your help. If $300,000 can be raised by 30 September 2011, one donor has promised to complete the campaign by donating the last $200,000 that they need. I don’t know if we’ll get a local centre with whom we could potentially form partnerships, but regardless it seems a laudable goal. You can donate to CFI here.

Hat tip to PZ.