Skepticamp Approaches!

September is approaching quickly, and that means SkeptiCamp is too! SkeptiCamp is free to attend and we’d love to have you there, and we’d especially love it if you gave a talk!  Start thinking about a presentation, and send us an email with your topic ( or register at the SkeptiCamp Winnipeg page at


4 thoughts on “Skepticamp Approaches!

    1. I’ve got a bunch of those written down at home. I’ll send you the list. We should confirm with them that they’re still interested/available, of course.

  1. “Computer! Make me an idea!” or “How to change people’s minds”

    I’ll be talking about the psychology behind convincing people of your ideas (and other fun stuff).

    I’ll likely have an analogy comparing LCARS from Star Trek against T.I.M. (The Incredible Machine)

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