SkeptiCamp Winnipeg 2010

SkeptiCamp Winnipeg is a conference for the sharing of ideas. It is free and open to the public: anyone can attend and participate! Presentations and discussions focus on science and free inquiry, and the audience is encouraged to challenge presenters to defend their ideas.

SkeptiCamp is based on the highly successful BarCamp model. The basic idea is that attendees are participants; everyone attending SkeptiCamp is encouraged to participate: this may take the form of presenting a short talk on a topic related to science and skepticism, helping coordinate and plan the event, or simply taking active part in the discussion.

SkeptiCamp Winnipeg 2010 was Winnipeg’s first open skeptical conference. It took place on Saturday, 23 October 201, from 12:30–18:00 at Aqua Books.


Role Organiser
Emcee Paul Nordin
Venue Coordinator Jeffrey Olsson
Communication/Outreach Coordinator Donna Harris
Speaker Coordinator/General Troubleshooting Gem Newman


Time Talk Speaker Links
12:45 The Pleasure of Figuring Things Out Gem Newman Text Video
13:00 The Ethics of Belief Dr. Arthur Schafer Video
13:30 How Do We Know Anything? Jeffrey Olsson Video
14:00 Kitchen Nightmares: Dissecting Reality Television Scott Carnegie Video
14:30 Nutritional Facts and Fallacies: “Superfoods” Laura Creek Newman Video
15:30 Five Bizarre Pseudosciences You’ve Never Heard Of! Ashlyn Noble Video
15:45 Why Vaccinations Are So Important Donna Harris Video
16:00 We Are All Skeptics Now Dr. Chris Tillman Video
16:30 How to Fake a UFO Picture Leslie Saunders Text
17:00 The History of Homeopathy Gem Newman Text Video
17:15 The Skeptical Matrix: Where Should We Focus Our Energy? Donna Harris
17:30 Mormonism and Homosexuality Scott Carnegie

SkeptiCamp Winnipeg 2010 Playlist